Posted on: July 22, 2008 5:22 pm

CBS's Screwy Member Rankings

So I woke up a couple of months ago and decided to check on my three fantasy leagues as usual. I hadn't posted anything on the threads for awhile, so I assumed (logically), that my ranking would have dropped mightily from the 99 Rating I had worked so hard to achieve.

With bated breath, I clicked my profile icon and...let out a sigh of relief. I was still at 99. Then I noticed something odd. In my absence, I had become a Top 1K member. I thought it was a little bit strange but, hey, I wasn't complaining. I had only reached the 1K level once in the two years of posting on this site. Perhaps I was being paid back for all the hours of posting I had put in during the previous months.

So, re-energized by this new ranking, I began posting again. I don't remember how many, maybe three posts. All of which, (I thought) were reasonably detached (read: unlikely to piss too many people off) and well-written. I expected to earn some good reviews. And, accordingly, I did. I believe that other members gave me six "5 Star" rankings and two "4 Star" rankings for my efforts.

The next day, I checked in and my prestige ranking had dropped to a 98. I swore mightily. I checked my reviews again, and I had earned another "5 Star" rating and no bad ones. Yet, I was no longer a Top 1K member and no longer a 99.

So I stopped posting and just went back to my fantasy leagues, where, unfortunately, I wasn't doing particularily well.

Three weeks later I was a Top 1K Member once more. My prestige rating was, once again, a 99. And I had done nothing except drop three places in my fantasy league.

It was at this point that I decided to try a little experiment. I stopped posting altogether.

A week later I was a Top 100 Member.

Two weeks later I was, incredibly, a Top 10 Member.

I still haven't posted in a month, and my ranking keeps rising. I checked yesterday and I was the 5th Most Prestigious Member on the entire site, which normally has over 300,000 members online at any time.

What Gives?

So here's advice to all you sports fanatics out there that want to be a Top 10 member. Stop posting.

~ Beavsrule012
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Posted on: March 20, 2008 12:11 am

March Madness!

    As the NCAA Men's Basketball Post-season Madness begins this Friday, there are a ton of questions that everyone is asking, such as: "Will North Carolina take home the title? What will be the result of the mega-frosh battle of O.J. Mayo and Micheal Beasley? Who will pull off those bracket-busting first round upsets?" Last thing on your mind is probably, "What does "Beavsrule012" think?" Nevertheless, I'll share a few surprises that I have pegged. See what you guys think of my fearless predictions!

  •     North Carolina will lose to Tennessee in the East Regional Final
  •     #10 seed Davidson will beat Gonzaga, Georgetown and Southern Cal to reach the Elite 8
  •     #3 seed Stanford will win the South Regional to reach the Final Four
  •     #1 seed Memphis will be the first top-ranked seed to fall, losing to #4 Pittsburgh in the Sweet 16
  •     #2 seed Tennessee and #1 seed UCLA will play for the National Title.
  •     UCLA will take the Championship, 87-81
    Not exactly terribly exciting, I know, but what the hey, gotta start somewhere.

    Let me know what you guys think about my predictions and tell me what you think the big upsets will be!
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